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Having a tanned body is attractive and that’s why for many years people from different parts of the world have been building golden tans over and over again. The big problem is that many people do not understand the many health risks they expose themselves to as a result of visiting the tanning salons.

The tanning salon is a booming multi-million industry in today’s world and it keeps on growing day by day. There are approximately 30 million people in the United States that use a tanning booth every year making it a very lucrative industry. The demand for it is evident because if you were to at magazines, adverts, commercials, and high profile people all you see is tanned bodies, but that should not be the case because a lot of people don’t know that tanning salons are capable of causing burns on their skins, damage to the immune system, eye damage and a higher risk of developing skin cancer.

Despite the fact that frequent visits to the tanning salons expose people to numerous health problems, there are no laws regulating the use of tanning salons, people are free to visit the place every time they want.

There are several studies done all over the world showing that most tanning booths emit very high and dangerous levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which through testing has shown that they increase the risk of skin cancer and also premature aging.

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